Innovative Systems & Software, Inc (ISS) is a small, highly-experienced collection of senior technical resources and engineers specializing in the Information Security and Software Engineering fields.

Our resources have extremely deep technical knowledge in their areas of expertise, and our project success has spanned multiple industries including Government/Defense, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance and Logistics/Transportation.

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Welcome to the home of Innovative Systems & Software, Inc. We are proud to annouce the following news items:

June 5, 2019
ISS has been contracted to perform a technology refresh for the Network Monitor and Control System (NMACS) for the United States Department of Defense. The technology refresh will consist of updating all system components (some of them 20+ years old) to use modern coding languages, protocols, and security, all while maintaining 100% compatibility with the existing systems.

January 1, 2019
The ISS contract with MVTRAC has been renewed for the 12th straight year. ISS will continue to provide enterprise architecture design and implementation capabilities, along with custom enterprise application development.

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